Investing in Deaf Success

Is your deaf-owned business ready to take off? We’re the partner you’re looking for.

Founders of three deaf owned businesses: Bus Door Films, National Deaf Therapy, and Mozzeria

Changing Perceptions of the Deaf Community Through Entrepreneurial Success

Accelerate Your Business Growth 

We’re seeking profitable deaf-owned businesses that can grow with access to capital and support


CSD SVF Partners Receive:

Capital Investment

CSD SVF’s equity-based investments provide capital to grow your business.

Access to Executive Consulting

All partners receive strategic consulting services from CSD, including a comprehensive review of current operations, as well as support in long-term expansion.

Work with CSD’s Professional Service Group

Address immediate business needs and support your growth through a continuum of professional resources: marketing, human resources, technology, and more.

What Are We Looking For in Our SVF Partners?

  • Social Enterprise: The Social Venture Fund focuses exclusively on for-profit social enterprises that are committed to positive and measurable social impact. In evaluating potential investments, we employ rigorous social and financial valuation techniques to ensure that companies have the potential to provide a strong blended social and financial return.
  • Alignment with Investment Areas: We invest in post-revenue companies responding to critical challenges within society with an emphasis on jobs for deaf people. 


  • Investment Amounts and Stage: We invest $50,000 – $1,000,000 in equity into deaf-owned businesses poised for growth. Post-investment, year-after-year, we provide our portfolio companies access to resources at Communication Service for the Deaf to help them scale quickly and deliver on their social mission.
  • Change Agent Entrepreneurs: We invest in deaf inspiring leaders capable of assembling a world-class team that shares their passion and commitment to the enterprise’s sustained impact.
  • Location: We primarily focus on businesses based in the United States, but welcome applications from deaf entrepreneurs in other countries.

*We use for our application process. Gust is a website that helps businesses find sources for funding and apply for investment from organizations like CSD SVF.

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