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Is your Deaf-owned business ready to scale to the next level? We’re the partner you’re looking for.

Founders of three deaf owned businesses: Bus Door Films, National Deaf Therapy, and Mozzeria

Changing Perceptions of the Deaf Community Through Entrepreneurial Success

Accelerate Your Business Growth

We’re seeking profitable Deaf-owned businesses that can grow with access to capital and support.


CSD SVF Partners Receive:

Capital Investment

CSD SVF’s equity-based investments provide capital to grow your business.

Access to Executive Consulting

All partners receive strategic consulting services from CSD, including a comprehensive review of current operations, as well as support in long-term expansion.

Work with CSD’s Professional Service Group

Address immediate business needs and support your growth through a continuum of professional resources: marketing, human resources, technology, and more.

Have questions about becoming an SVF partner?

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What Are We Looking For in Our SVF Partners?

CSD Social Venture Fund invests $50,000-$1,000,0000 in majority Deaf-owned, for-profit enterprises that are committed to positive and measurable social impact. In evaluating potential investments, we employ rigorous valuation techniques to ensure that companies have the potential to provide a strong, blended societal and financial return.

We invest in post-revenue companies that emphasize creating jobs for Deaf people and investing in the deaf community.

In particular, we’re interested in working with change agent entrepreneurs— Deaf leaders capable of assembling world-class teams that share their passion and commitment to the enterprise’s sustained impact. Our portfolio members are curious, seek chances to learn and help others grow, and enjoy an intellectually rigorous environment. They are innovative thinkers who support one other’s growth with feedback and respect. They prioritize diversity and inclusion, positivity, and resilience.

*We use for our application process. Gust is a website that helps businesses find sources for funding and apply for investment from organizations like CSD SVF.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CSD SVF?

CSD SVF stands for Communication Service for the Deaf Social Venture Fund. SVF invests $50,000-$1,000,000 in post-revenue, Deaf-owned businesses, in exchange for part equity. We seek businesses that serve the deaf community and create jobs for Deaf people.

2. What is SVF’s investment criteria? Who can apply?
  • Ownership must be at least 50% Deaf. For example, if a business has two founders, 1 hearing and 1 Deaf, that’s 50% deaf-owned.
  • Businesses must be post-revenue and at least breaking even
  • Business plan should show a commitment to social change for the Deaf community
  • We are seeking Deaf leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit who prioritize diversity, are creative thinkers, enjoy an intellectually rigorous environment, and are interested in building community and sharing and accepting feedback
  • Should be a for-profit, legally formed company
  • Owners must be at least 18 years old and US legal residents
  • For now, only USA Deaf-owned businesses meet our criteria.
3. What do you mean by "social change"?

SVF members create social change for the Deaf community in many ways. Some examples are businesses that:

  • create jobs for other Deaf people
  • create a product or service the Deaf community needs
  • use skills that come naturally to Deaf people
  • donate time or money back to the Deaf community
  • educate hearing people about Deaf needs
4. How do I know if my business is big enough? How does CSD evaluate my business?

SVF member businesses should be post-revenue, and earning enough money to break even or turn a profit. After that, we have no set financial rules for applicants. We want to invest in opportunities that show great potential. Your application should demonstrate that your business model is working and sustainable. Explain specifically how investment and support from SVF would help you grow.

5. What does CSD SVF membership provide?
  • SVF invests from $50,000 – $500,000 into each business
  • In exchange, SVF receives part equity in the business. This is generally between 20-40%. Returns are invested back into the SVF member portfolio.
  • Members receive support from CSD team to improve operations, develop marketing and human resources strategies, technological tools, and long-term goals for growth
  • Members attend week-long “New Partner Onboarding” program, which allows business owners to work with CSD executives, experts, and other SVF members
6. How do I apply for SVF? What materials should I include?

Applications are processed through You will need to sign up for a free account to submit your materials.

The application will require the following:

  • Basic Information about yourself and other founders, if any
  • Company information (entity, location, stage, funding)
  • Explanation of social mission (what kind of impact your company has on the Deaf community)
  • A complete pitch deck
  • Agreement to our Terms & Conditions
  • A business plan is optional
7. What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck provides visual support as you tell different audiences, like investors or potential partners, the story of your business. A pitch deck helps audience members visualize your business idea and energizes them to want to be part of it.

Want to learn more about creating an engaging pitch deck? We look at what makes a pitch deck successful in our ASL presentation here:

8. I want to include a business plan. How do I write one?

A business plan usually contains the following: an explanation of your business concept, your target customer base, current financial information, and goals for the future. It depends on the business, but these are usually around 15-20 pages.

Want even more information on what to include? We break business plans down step-by-step in ASL here:

9. Are there any more resources for learning about business plans, pitch decks, and building my business?

CSD Learns has a free “Beginning Your Business,” toolkit and a six-week course that you can sign up for here.

We also have a series of blogs that feature tips and resources:

10. How can get updates on SVF, or find you on the web?

You can sign up for email updates at the bottom of our website, and find CSD SVF on social media:






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