The CSD Social Venture Fund (CSD SVF) builds partnerships with deaf-led businesses. These businesses exemplify CSD values by:

Enhancing Deaf Economic Power


Employing Deaf People


Creating Social Change


Today, there are more deaf-owned businesses than ever before.  Deaf-led businesses are the best sources of opportunity creation in terms of employment and economic empowerment for deaf people.  We at the CSD SVF want to ensure these businesses enjoy continued growth and prosperity. 

As part of CSD’s overall strategy, the CSD Social Venture Fund was created to invest in deaf-owned businesses that will in turn reap more than financial profit.  We’re looking for start-ups or established businesses that seek expansion, growth, and actively cultivate opportunities for the wide range of diverse peoples that make up our deaf community.

Through our partnerships with deaf businesses, we create social change by showcasing living examples of success that show the world what we already know: that deaf people offer incredible value for any businesses that hire them.

Meet the Team

Dominic Lacy

Dominic Lacy

Chief Innovation Officer

Michael Catron

Michael Catron

Innovation Manager

Ryan Hait-Campbell

Ryan Hait-Campbell

Innovation Strategist

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