How It Works

Step 1: Apply

If your application meets the basic eligibility requirements and screening criteria, then you will be invited to final interview.

Step 2: The Offer

Negotiation time! Every business, organization, or production idea is different. The CSD SVF will make a custom offer.

Step 3: Growth

Work with mentors and utilize all the resources CSD has to to grow and foster social change. Your success is our success!

Do you believe you have the capabilities to create a social change? If your answer is YES, we want to build a partnership with you!

Whether your pitch is for a new startup, an established business, or even a business concept, the CSD SVF wants to learn more about it.
No idea is too big or too small — apply now!

Common Questions & Answers

What is the selection criteria?

The CSD SVF is looking for partners that:

Create Impact

Whether you employ Deaf people or are working to change perceptions about what Deaf people are capable of, the CSD SVF wants to ensure your business’s impacts are aligned with creating prosperity for Deaf people everywhere.

Have Potential to Grow

Whether you cater to the general public or a niche market, your business model should be scalable and have the potential to reach beyond the present to increase the economic power of the Deaf community.

Demonstrated Leadership

Can you articulate a clear and far-reaching vision? Can you set an example for others to follow?  We want your leadership and discipline to execute on your business vision and plan and to operate with efficiency and transparency.

Offer Innovative Products/Services

Have an unique spin on an true and tried product or service offering? Have an entirely new innovative product idea?  Have a innovative approach to a service offering?  We want to know how you plan to bring this idea to market.

Do you only invest in for-profit companies?

We are actually interested in for-profit companies and opening up our application to media. We are also opening up our applications to media production ideas such as scripts for television series or movies.

Applicant Resources

Watch the following videos to familiarize yourself with some of the required documents and analysis for SVF’s Investment application.


Business Plan

Pitch Deck



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