Communication Service for the Deaf Names as Its Second Social Venture Fund Partner

Communication Service for the Deaf and to Make Tax Preparation More Accessible for the Deaf Community Nationwide

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) has selected as its second business partner for the CSD Social Venture Fund (CSD SVF). was founded in 2007 by owner Joshua R. Beal and is currently managed by Beal and Charles L. Sterling. The company provides tax preparation services to Deaf and hearing individuals, non-profits, trusts and small businesses throughout the United States.

The CSD SVF is the first-ever social impact fund and incubator for Deaf-owned businesses in the United States. CSD created this multi-million dollar fund in 2017 to help address the 70% unemployment and underemployment rate among Deaf Americans. The first CSD SVF business partner is Mozzeria, a Deaf-owned pizzeria.

“The main purpose of the SVF is to cultivate greater opportunity and showcase success for the Deaf community,” CSD CEO Christopher Soukup said. “A big part of this process is identifying and meeting specific necessities within our community. There is a significant gap in accessible tax information and support for Deaf individuals. is a clear leader in this industry and we are very pleased to be working with them to address this important need for our community.” is a spin-off from Schwarz Financial Services, the oldest Deaf-owned tax preparation firm in the United States. was established to meet the growing demand for tax preparation services among the Deaf community throughout the United States. With offices in Washington, D.C., and Honolulu, works primarily with clients through videophone and email utilizing American Sign Language as the primary language for communication.

“We are very honored to be recognized by CSD,” said Beal. “This support will allow us to expand our services to better serve more Deaf individuals and Deaf-owned businesses throughout the United States. This investment from the CSD SVF will help the Deaf community become more self-reliant through a greater understanding of taxes and procedures and ultimately help strengthen the Deaf community’s economic standing.”

With the CSD SVF investment, plans on developing an app for mobile devices; providing bookkeeping services for Deaf-owned businesses, nonprofits and organizations; and establishing a third office.

Key criteria for the CSD SVF include creating an impact and aligning with CSD’s commitment to prosperity among Deaf people everywhere, having the potential to grow and be scalable, demonstrating leadership through a clear and far-reaching vision and offering innovative products and services that provide a unique spin on traditional approaches or are entirely new innovations.

Soukup also noted that one of the goals, and benefits, of the CSD SVF is the creation of jobs in as many sectors as possible. “Expanding DeafTax’s services can lead to other professional opportunities within financial services such as financial advising, accounting, and so on. By partnering with, we will improve the quality of information available to Deaf people regarding income tax and tax preparation, such as creating additional videos through CSD Learns.”

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Alana Cowan

Brandi Rarus
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