HOT off the press!  
We are honored to announce our newest partner, the Italy-based company, Hands on Travel (HOT). Terry Giansanti, entrepreneur and founder of HOT, saw a need for accessible travel options and he made it happen!  

What Does HOT Offer? 
HOT provides deaf-centric tours in more than 60 countries world-wide. They create customized experiences and tailored itineraries for small groups using sign language. They also specialize in school tours and immersive experiences for ITP students. Check out their services here! 

How did HOT Get Started? 
Hands On Travel originated out of the passion to travel and experience new things in life. Founder, Terry Giansanti, dreamt about living in Europe after graduating from Gallaudet University. In 1999, he moved to Rome to work for the Italian Deaf Olympic Committee. Once he arrived in the Eternal City, he found it very difficult to leave. Giansanti wanted to ensure that all future deaf travelers to Rome and to Italy would be able to enjoy it to the maximum by having an insider to be their sign language guide. And the rest is history!