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By CSD  |  January 22, 2022

DeafTax partners with to make cryptocurrency more accessible.

On January 22nd, DeafTax announced a collaboration with, a service that allows crypto investors of all experience levels to track their portfolios and report their own crypto taxes.

Interest in cryptocurrency has grown significantly over the past decade and this trend is expected to continue. By 2028, the global crypto market is projected to grow over 11% to be valued at USD $1,902.5 million. Despite these projections, cryptocurrency remains a volatile investment, with many nuances investors should know about before entering the market. One such area is reporting requirements – making sure you report your crypto activities on your taxes so you don’t get penalized by the IRS.

If you are one of the 16% of Americans investing in cryptocurrency, it is crucial that you understand the impact these investments have on your taxes. Thanks to DeafTax and’s new partnership, understanding and accurately reporting your crypto gains and losses will become a more streamlined and accessible process.

If you’re interested in’s reporting services, use DeafTax’s referral code to receive a 10% discount on their reporting services. Then, when it comes time to prepare your taxes, DeafTax clients can use to complete crypto calculations for a DeafTax preparer to include on your tax return. This will speed up the process and keep fees low.

You can learn about the new partnership by reading’s official announcement, by watching DeafTax’s video in ASL above, and on DeafTax’s website.

Our team at CSD SVF is excited to see what the future of this partnership will bring and the financial opportunities it will open up to the Deaf community.

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