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Your contribution is more than just a donation; it's an investment in the transformative power of deaf entrepreneurship. Your support holds the key to directly and profoundly impacting the lives of promising deaf entrepreneurs, igniting a new era of innovation and creativity.
We invite you to move beyond being a bystander and become an active participant in shaping a brighter future for these trailblazing deaf entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of change. Together, let's forge a future where their potential knows no bounds.
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Your Donation Makes an Impact

6 sections of stats: Top left states "10 Investments and Counting". Top middle states: "793 percent revenue average growth". Top right states: "9.5 Net Promoter Rate". Bottom left states: 16 Deaf and Hard of Hearing founders". Bottom middle states: "90 percent Business survival rate". Bottom right states: 80 plus New jobs".
The Problem

Deaf and hard-of-hearing entrepreneurs receive very little funding despite being 18% more likely to start a business than than their hearing counterparts. In economic crises, funding for this group is often the first to be cut.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing entrepreneurs also face lack of access to educational content in American Sign Language and mistaken stereotypes about their competency and quality.

Many deaf founders are succeeding despite doing this alone. The more we make entrepreneurship accessible, the more deaf people can invest in their communities and benefit all of us.

CSD SVF, a 501(C)(3), creates a culture of entrepreneurship that's accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. We believe in building a portfolio of funding and educational opportunities tailored to their needs. We remove obstacles to success and focus on innovation, enabling deaf and hard-of-hearing entrepreneurs to succeed and bring more diversity and inclusivity to the business world.

We believe that focusing on accessibility creates a more inclusive and thriving business environment, resulting in a positive return on investment for our communities, fund investors, and entrepreneurs.
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