Announcing the TechClusion Fund: Bridging the Gap in Tech Accessibility for the Deaf Community

By rtimm  |  November 1, 2023

CSD Social Venture Fund is proud to announce a significant leap in fostering innovation for the Deaf community. The TechClusion Fund, a groundbreaking initiative, offers a new funding source for tech startups dedicated to inclusion and accessibility for the Deaf.

Revolutionizing Tech for the Deaf

Over the last three decades, technology has transformed our lives, yet accessibility has often been an afterthought. The TechClusion Fund was born to change this narrative, ensuring technology caters to all users from the start. This shift will not only benefit the Deaf but improve the user experience for everyone.

Rosa Lee Timm, Division President of CSD Social Venture Fund, explains, "Accessible technology isn't limited to Deaf communities. When companies consider the needs of Deaf and disabled users, they create a better experience for all."

A Vision for a More Inclusive Future

The TechClusion Fund addresses these systemic issues by encouraging entrepreneurs and developers to design with all end-users in mind. The impact extends beyond accessible products; it promises job creation and economic opportunities for the Deaf.

Greg Bland, Director of Business Development for CSD Social Venture Fund, emphasizes, "By supporting startups aiming to impact Deaf communities positively, we anticipate increased opportunities for economic advancement among Deaf individuals."

Opportunities for All Tech Startups

TechClusion is open to all tech startups in the United States, regardless of Deaf ownership.

Applicants must demonstrate:

  1. How their work will benefit Deaf communities, through hiring Deaf employees, Deaf owners, or contributing to Deaf communities.
  2. A commitment to diverse hiring practices as their company grows.
  3. A commitment to both their business and TechClusion's investment.

Opening Doors for Deaf Entrepreneurs

CSD's Social Venture Fund is a unique venture capital firm and incubator supporting Deaf entrepreneurs and businesses. Their investments aim to enhance Deaf economic power, employment opportunities, and social change. Existing portfolio members include Mozzeria, National Deaf Therapy, DeafTax, Bus Door Films, Hands on Travel, Hotsy Totsy Haus, 4Legz All Natural Dog Treats, and Lochiel Brewing. For more information, visit their website and follow them on social media.

About Communication Service for the Deaf

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) is the world's largest Deaf-led social impact organization, creating accessible solutions for the Deaf community for over four decades. CSD continues to work towards personal and economic growth within the Deaf community, focusing on leadership and employment opportunities.

To learn more about the Techclusion Fund, click here --> application or investment opportunities. Additional information can be found in the full press release.

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