National Entrepreneurs Day


An entrepreneur’s decision to start a business puts the “start” in “startup.” Today, for National Entrepreneurs Day we want to show how different entrepreneurs got started and what that looks like. Have you started a business?

Tag us in a picture or video showing how you started. Or explaining why you started. Maybe sharing your story will inspire others to go ahead and start their own business!

Share Your Startup Story!

November 16th is National Entrepreneurs Day – a day to celebrate all of you risk-takers – your passion, your successes, your failures, your pasts, and your futures!

We want to take the day to celebrate and inspire Deaf Entrepreneurs by reflecting on where it all began – your start! YOU put the ‘start’ in startup, and we want to recognize that. Over the next week, take a moment to share a photo of you when you first started out, your first gig, your first office space – or even a short video explaining why you decided to start. Tag SVF and use the hashtag #StartingUp and we’ll share your story with the world!

This is a great opportunity to inspire budding entrepreneurs and reflect on your own successes. We hope you’re able to celebrate with us! Not Sure Where to Start? Some of our partners and CSD employees shared their startup stories as an example. Take a look for inspiration!

Video Submissions

Take a look at our video examples. Below you’ll learn about motivations, how certain businesses came about, and more!

Terry Giansanti

Hands On Travel


Hands on Travel was started in 2002, almost 20 years ago.

I never really thought I’d start a travel business, but have always had a passion for traveling. Growing up I loved to travel, and loved looking at places from local’s perspective. When I traveled, I hated going to crowded tourist traps and was always looking for where locals would go.

It was that passion that led me to a point where I decided to find a way to change tourism to give a local’s experience to Deaf travelers. Because really, before then, those types of tours were only accessible to hearing people.

So, I had a vision, it was just a small hobby but I realized that so many people appreciated that kind of experience. So here we are today – still going!

Tag us in a picture or video showing how you started. Or explaining why you started. Maybe sharing your story will inspire others to go ahead and start their own business!

Amelia Hamilton

Amelia Hamilton Photography



A few years ago, I was going through some difficult times and I decided to buy a camera to bring with me on adventures. Before I knew it, people were asking me for sessions.

From there, my love for photography just skyrocketed. I realized that documenting “moments to remember forever” through photos is my passion and my next step was to turn that into a business!

Ryan Maliszewski



Opportunity creation has always been at the heart of Mozzeria. For example, we create jobs and change the perspectives of our customers.

When I first took this job as CEO early last year, the goal was to scale the business from San Francisco to D.C. as well as new locations around the country.

Then, COVID happened.

Yet we were persistent and took that big first step and opened our restaurant here in D.C. in the middle of a global pandemic!

As with any entrepreneur, you’re not only creating opportunities for yourself, but for others as well. We showed the world that Deaf people can do this – and you can too!

Photo Submissions

Share some photos of you or your business when you just started out! In our examples below you’ll see Dallas’ first customer, Rosa Lee’s first logos, Amelia in her early days, and one of Terry’s first tours.

Now we want to see your startup stories!

Head over to your favorite social media platform and tag us!

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