Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

By CSD  |  February 15, 2023

CSD Social Venture Fund and Gallaudet University’s Center of Continuing Education have partnered together to offer a self-paced 16-week entrepreneurship certification program in ASL for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Registrants will learn foundational information they can use to strengthen their operations, make strategic decisions to grow their business, support their employees, protect themselves, and more from Deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals and entrepreneurs. The program is made up of four 4-week courses that can be completed one at a time at your own pace.

Entrepreneurship Course Topics

Meet the Instructors

Rosa Lee Timm

Meet your instructor, Rosa Lee—an accomplished leader currently serving as Division President at CSD Social Venture Fund and formerly Chief Marketing Officer, bringing extensive experience in organizational effectiveness and cross-functional team leadership. Rosa's unique journey has equipped her with valuable insights into the world of business, particularly in the context of small businesses. In this course, she will guide you through the
critical role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in small businesses. She'll share insights on how to strategically incorporate HRM into your organization's design, emphasizing its importance in fostering growth, managing resources, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Prepare to learn from a seasoned professional who's dedicated to helping small business owners like you succeed by harnessing the power of HRM in your organization's journey.

Photo of Jasmine Garcia-Freeland

Jasmine Garcia-Freeland

Jasmine is a business owner, motivational speaker, and marketing consultant. She leads with positivity and authenticity, which can be seen through all her marketing efforts for JazMaria Boutique and Shine with Jaz. Jasmine offers inspirational, driven, and creative social media consultations that provide business owners with the tools they need to develop a strong brand, optimize their social media presence, and build meaningful relationships with their audiences.  

Richard Horrell

In his role as Mozzeria’s CEO, Richard Horrell is leading the bi-coastal Neapolitan pizza restaurant with compassion, inclusivity and business savvy at the forefront. Prior to working with Mozzeria. Prior to joining the Mozzeria team, Richard worked with SVF portfolio businesses to help streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. He has experience working for the Sonoma County District Attorney and private sector law firms. In addition to his role as CEO, Richard owns and operates his own business, Big Bully Roasters located in Sonoma County, California.

Jonathan Heath Huggins

Jonathan Heath Huggins serves as the Director of Finance for CSD Social Venture Fund. In his role, he supports business owners from various industries while managing enterprise and financial risks. He has worked with many business owners to improve their financial results and increase their business valuation using different financial strategies. Additionally, Heath operates a CPA firm and real estate investment company and teaches business classes at a local community college. 

Register Today

The course will launch in the Spring of 2023 starting with a 4-week course on social media and branding and will be conducted in American Sign Language (ASL). Those looking to register for the online program can do so through Gallaudet University’s Center of Continuing Education by Monday, March 20.

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