Our Partners

The CSD SVF believes in building partnerships with deaf-led businesses who exemplify CSD’s values: enhancing deaf economic power, employing deaf people, and creating social change. The CSD SVF is committed to the success of each business and provides not only a financial investment but also tools and resources so each deaf-led business can continue its growth.

The first CSD SVF partner, Mozzeria, was chosen in 2017. A deaf-owned Neapolitan pizzeria, Mozzeria was founded in 2011 by Melody and Russ Stein in San Francisco. Mozzeria shares CSD’s commitment to prosperity among deaf people everywhere. Mozzeria has an all deaf staff and nearly everything in the restaurant is designed or built by deaf people, including all the artwork on the walls.

DeafTax began its partnership with the CSD SVF in early 2018. Joshua R. Beal founded DeafTax in 2007 as the online version of Schwarz Financial Services, the oldest deaf-owned tax preparation firm in the U.S. Today, DeafTax has two offices, one in Hawaii, run by Joshua, and a second location in Washington, D.C., run by his partner, Charles R. Sterling, who serves as general manager and senior accountant. DeafTax is committed to providing professional tax preparation and bookkeeping services to any U.S. client through email, videophone, or in-person office visits.

National Deaf Therapy is the first deaf women-owned eTherapy organization to provide nationwide mental health services in ASL. Co-owners, Amanda Sortwell Crane and Megan Erasmus, launched National Deaf Therapy in 2018 with the goal of addressing a significant gap in mental health services for the deaf community.

Bus Door Films is working diligently to raise the bar in film production. They give #DeafTalent opportunities behind the camera, and train them to improve their skills, to meet industry standards in film production, and to find ways for their films to make it into the mainstream. Throughout their careers the pair have had a variety of professional experiences, including working with all-deaf crews, as the only deaf people on a mostly hearing crew, and on mixed crews. There is one thing remains consistent though, their production of high-quality work.

Hands On Travel originated out of the passion to travel and experience new things in life. We provide tours in over 60 countries worldwide with the focus on sign language guides, small groups, and unique experiences.

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