Small Business Saturday

By CSD  |  November 4, 2021

Small Business Saturday

In 2019, Americans spent nearly $20 billion on Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is the perfect occasion to engage your current customers and it’s also a great opportunity to attract new ones. In fact, in 2017 nearly half of consumers who participated in Small Business Saturday bought from a shop they’ve never been to before. Wow!

With the potential rush of new customers, it’s important to be prepared so you can take advantage of Small Business Saturday. There are three main areas you can focus on to make the most of the holiday: events, promotions, and marketing.

Events: Connect with Small Business Saturday Organizers in Your Area

Many towns have local events or promotions for Small Business Saturday. These could be as simple as providing a directory of local businesses or something more involved like a cohesive theme and dedicated marketplace. Find out what your town is doing by contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and asking if your business can participate.

In addition to formal events, you can also develop partnerships with other small businesses. Consider reaching out to a nearby business, or one that’s services and products complement yours, to see if you can set up incentives for people who visit both shops. If you host an online shop, you can reach out to a local store and ask to host a pop-up shop or event in their storefront.

Promotions: Offer Small Business Saturday Deals

A sale or promotion is a great way to make sure customers come to your store on a specific day. You could offer something like a 5% discount or free shipping for customers who buy a certain amount. Other options include selling an exclusive product only available on Small Business Saturday or introducing loyalty programs. Some common promotions are:

  • Discounts for:
    • Subscribing to an email list
    • Being a first-time customer
    • Being a repeat customer
    • Bulk purchases
  • Exclusive access to products or services for people who:
    • Visit your shop in person
    • Tag or share a social media post
    • Sign up for an email list
  • Unique experiences including:
    • Themed in-store events
    • Social media challenges

Remember, the goal is not to discount yourself out of making a profit; large retail stores aren’t your competition this weekend. People who are buying local are buying with a different motivation than those shopping discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Marketing: Spread the Word

Most importantly, people need to know you’re open and ready for business! Be sure to share store hours, deals, and any other relevant information through social media, email, flyers, and any marketing channels you have access to. If you don’t have time to create your own designs, American Express has free Small Business Sunday templates you can adjust to include your business name and hours.

Community forums and groups are also useful places to promote your business to local shoppers. This blog from CSD Social Venture Fund has a list of several promotional groups for Deaf and hard of hearing–led businesses where you can share your marketing materials with customers who are looking for businesses to support.

Another way to market yourself is to make sure your business is listed in relevant directories. By being included in these resources you’ll increase your potential audience and you can be sure that people visiting these pages are already interested in buying your product! In most cases, you can simply contact each directory and ask to be added. Some examples include:

As always, we at CSD SVF are wishing you nothing but success! We hope your Small Business Saturday is a day to remember. If you’re looking for more resources for your small business, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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